No wireless internet, invalid phone card......
So I only can use the computer in the lobby of the hotel.
The keyboard is very strange.
Just like last year, no Chinese again!

7/14 Taoyuan --8 hours-- Abu Dhabi, 1 hour transitional waiting,
--5.5 hours-- arrive at Vienna. (local time 7/15 7:00, 13:00 in Taiwan.)

8:00 to 10:30 , we took bus to Budapest.
We arrived at the airport too early, and too early at the hotel.

Our group contains 38 people.

In fact, Budapest is Buda and Pest. Donau river divide the two city.
There are 3 big bridge linking the two cities.
We live in Buda (west, full of hills, while Pest is the opposite.)

Budapest is a beautiful city!
But in the day it is too hot. Here is above 35 degrees. (In Vienna it is 17 degrees.)

To be continued.......

好想跟寶貝講話 !!!!!!!!
I want to share what I think and what I saw with you.
But it is very hard in English.
There are also some people waiting after me because there are only 2 computer.
To make matters worse, the computer is near smoking area....
Now I am very tired because we have stayed too long on the plane and the bus
and have walked for a long time today.
I will try to find more time tommorrow.

I like your loved nickname.

Be active and energetic!


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