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In the beginning of this sequel
I'd like to say that this is an article full of negative emotions.

I really have a good life here in Edinburgh.
BUT, I'm not happy.
The idea that I want to go home follows me everywhere.

Dear son,
I hope you are getting along with the learning life in Edingbourgh well.
It must be boring when you are at Seonaidh's house after the classes.
I still feel sorry to let you alone in a strenge country so long.
Maybe I am looking forward to your growth but always forget you are only 19.
I could do nothing while I was at your age.

Be brave and be strong!
That's what I can tell you.
Your mother keeps talking about you everywhere and all the time.
So does Naya. We all miss you very much.

It is the 8th day of the journey in Spain.
We have visited several wonderful cities in the middle Spain.
The only problem I have is that the driver can neither English nor German.
It is very difficult to understand each other especially while we are talking about or arguing the routs,
meeting points and any new time schedules. I feel frustrated in talking with him.
The worst is that there are seldom people here who speak English.

I miss those days we had together in Europe.
I drove and you read maps. So we could go anywhere we wanted to.
I wish we can travel together again one day in the future.

take care of yourself

Dad, in Madrid

Yes. So do I.
Living, studying and traveling by oneself is not a good feeling at all.
Memories come up with me and missing is always too much.
Everyday seems to be a month for me...

Now, I study not only in English, but also the way how to get along by oneself.
Being separate for a long time from beloved and family is a big lesson.

However, I know I should be brave.
I'm such a lucky boy that I have had so many wonderful memories.
I'll value it.
Keeping the memories and your smile, I'll be stronger and stronger.

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