My timetable: 12:15~17:15. Three classes everyday.
I usually buy microwavable food from the supermarket fo lunch.
Because I do not like to eat sandwiches or salad (at least £2 !), which is COLD.
There is a joke says:
Hell is where the cook is British, the mechanic is French, the lover is Swiss, the policeman is German;
Heaven is where the policeman is British, the mechanic is German, the cook is French,
(NO! I think heaven is where the cook is Chinese!)
the police man is British, and all organised by Swiss.
But I am very lucky because Seonaidh is a wonderful cook!!!
She likes to cook in different ways.
I have a perfect dinner everyday!
I am happy to hear "dinner is ready" every night.
Having dinner may be my best moment here.
I write down what I eat for dinner everyday in the dairy.

By the way, the hard disc of my computer went wrong just before I went abroad.
That's why I can only use English to type.
I muss writing the dairy by hand.
And, living without computer is absolutely painful >"<

Talking about the weather, it's quite different.
The hottest it gets here is 20 degrees.
Hey! Now it's 30+ in Taiwan... Sometimes I feel like I'm in winter.
And the humidity is low.
The first week I had to use face cream!
I have never used in Taiwan even in the winter due to my oily skin.
But there is bad news. My oily face reappeared a week got used to the dry weather.
The weather is usually very nice although it rains sometimes.
What I want to know is why people here seem not to like to use umbrellas.

The way people wear clothes also depicts a difference from Taiwan's.
Women and girls like to wear in a "open" way, no matter how old,
how tall, how fat or thin they are.
On one hand, that's a good idea because everyone has confidence of their body.
Sometimes I think Taiwanese girls care too much about their figure.
It seems that being skinny and fair is the standard of beauty.
But on the other hand, is there any "weight calculator" in Britain?
I think more than half of the people should control their weight!!!
And, if I were the girl, I would not to wear in this way.
It make me fell strange.
Maybe that's because we have different concepts of value.

I have exellent trips here.
There are museums, gardens, churches, palaces and castles in Edinburgh(in Scotland!)
The buildings are in an ancient style.
It's a popular city for tourists.
At the weekends I could enjoy in the scenery.
I booked local tours to travel to the Highland, visiting castles, Lochs(lakes), ruins,
forests, waterfalls and whisky distilleries.
The tour was full of spectacular views.
I didn't see Nessie, the monster in Loch Ness.
But it was wonderful to take a walk along the lake side and sit near the water having lunch.

(to be continued....)

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