In this article, I would like to introduce my life here in Edinburgh.

I live in a host family.
It's a flat,which is located in the north west of Edinburgh.
Seonaidh works as a social worker in a residencial care home for the elderly.
She has a cat ans a budgy.
The cat, whose name is Tigger, is very cute.
It's also a cuddly and curious cat.
On the fourth floor, my room has a good view over the estuary of the River Forth.
AS the "profile information" I received before coming here said,
Seonaidh is always very kind to students.
I have a comfortable life here.

It takes 20 minutes to go to the shool by bus.
Edinburgh has a good transportation system.
The ticket costs £1 for a single, which is much more expensive than Taipei's.
But we can buy a monthly card called "Rida card".
The price for student is £30 for 4 weeks.
I use the card to go anywhere I want to go.
The seat are stable and the bus services are convenient.
But what annoys me is that there are no hints for the name of bus stop!
I never know the name of "next stop" so I often get off at the wrong stop.
Now I'm familiar with the bus in Edingburgh.
However, every city has it's own "sound".
I miss the sound of buses,MRT, and the easy card in Taipei.

In the school, I have 3 classes every day. Each is 90 minutes.
Students come from all over the world to study English.
Some students come here for IELTS, some for exams or jobs.
There are students staying here for 2 weeks, 3 weeks...and 6 months!
I can't imagine living here for 6 month!!!
When talking to new friends, we can learn a lot about different cultures or customs.
But sometimes talking to people who have the accent of his or her mother tongue,
for example, Spain or Arabian, also frustrated me.
And it's irritating to hear people speaking loudly in their own language!!

In fact, I don't like the courses here!
I want to improve my English, but so far I can't feel my progress.
The lessons seem to be not so good.
Maybe I should go to a university instead of a language college.
Another thing I can't stand is smoking.
There are so many people smoke here in Britain.
A box of cigarette costs £5.5, including £5 as a tax!
But the high tax rate doesn't work.
People smoke everywhere.
I loathe someone smokes near me.
It's really very annoying.

(to be continued....)

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  • Comet
  • Hey, ur written English is good. I don't know
    why u thought u didn't make any progress.
    Listening and speaking skills of English are not
    easy for every second language learner. Don't
    feel frustrated, I know u'll get progressed soon
    as long as u won't be afraid to try.
    My family and I plan to head for Edinburgh for
    short study for half a year. I m starting
    arranging everything here in Taiwan. One of
    them is to find a good accommodation for 3 of
    us. Can u give me any suggestion or introduce
    me anyone who's interested in renting a flat /
    ensuite? Tks for ur help. Maybe we can be
    friends if u still hang on there until this
  • 方方 於 2012/06/04 17:31 回覆